There are certainly times when every shade tree mechanic could use a big commercial lift. It sure was on my wish list as I crawled around under the mustang trying to install the new dual exhaust. I just can’t help wondering how much easier it would have been with the car more than 2 feet off the floor.


Anyway, I had the parts for the new dual exhaust and the job had to be done. The old exhaust came off without too much trouble. I wanted to paint the new kit but first it needed to be test fitted and marked.


I started with the H-pipe naturally since it bolts up to the stock manifolds. Yes, I still have the factory cast iron manifolds. Why, you may ask. Because you don’t need headers unless you’re building an engine with all the power in the upper RPM range. For a little street V8 the stock headers are fine and they give you nice low end torque. So, no need for headers on a 225 HP 289 v8.

You might also be wondering why I didn’t paint the pipes first and then install them. Firstly because I wanted to weld all the connections and I hate having to try to sand off the paint to get a good weld and secondly I wasn’t sure how much modification I would have to do to this kit. So I test fitted and marked all the pipes before painting them.


Then the connector pipes were fitted and marked.


Then the mufflers and tailpipes were fitted. Then it was all removed for painting.


Above is the exhaust kit being painted with high temperature paint. Stainless pipes would have been nice but they were just too pricey. After the paint dried I put everything back on the car and clamped it up and took it for a test drive. It sounded good and everything seemed to be in place.

Overall the exhaust kit fit very well and the only problem with it was that the tail pipes were a bit too short for the stainless tips I was using.


I had to weld some extensions on to bring the tips out far enough. No big deal, just a little more time crawling around under the car. I also welded up the other joints to eliminate leaks.


The exhaust looks nice and sounds nice. Although after a test drive the tail pipes shifted just a bit so I will have to go back and sort that out to keep the tips centered up.



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