OK. So the mustang was way past due for a new front suspension. I figured it would be a good project and maybe I would learn a thing or two in the process. I did learn a thing or two. First, not one minute of the project was easy. Second, not one minute of the project was fun. It was just plain hard, hot, tiring work all the way through from the first bolt to the last. Fun times you bet.

So I don’t have a lot of pictures of the process but there are a few.


I bought a suspension kit that included new upper and lower control arms, tie rods, and bushings for sway bar and torsion bars. Naturally I couldn’t leave them stock so I prepped and painted them to match the car. I also painted the valve covers while I had the paint out.


Everything turned out nice and shiny as planned. So far so good.


I put the valve covers back on and it looks a little better under the hood although there is still much clean up to do.


The next step was to pressure wash the grime off the underside of the car. This was a nasty job indeed.


This is where the grime went after it came off the car. No fun at all.

After cleaning the car and then myself it was time to remove the worn out suspension components.


Above is the “before” picture featuring the worn out stuff. Removing the old parts was just difficult, hot, and tiring. I had a picture with the parts removed but now I can’t find it so you’ll just have to use your imagination on that bit.

So after the parts were removed I cleaned up rusty stuff, painted stuff, and then put a bunch of shiny new parts on. It was a pain and hot and tiring. I did not enjoy it but I did it.

assembled1 assembled2Installed

Above are a few poor photos of the new suspension components. Sorry about the poor quality here but it was hot and I was tired and really in no mood for crawling around on the garage floor any longer. Anyway, the suspension is on and the ride quality is much better although there is a shake which may be a wheel out of balance (I hope). I’m going to mess with the alignment a bit before I take it somewhere and get the wheels balanced and then it’s on to the next fun project – new dual exhaust.



2 thoughts on “SUSPENSION? YOU BET

  1. scott says:

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering where it stood with the bikes also demanding your time.

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