It’s been a long week with many productive mustang hours.


The corner was welded together to complete the patches for the door. Or so I thought. Then I looked at the side of the door and realized I had two more patches to go. I got busy and knocked those out one evening and then it was on to body filler.


I spent a lot of time with body filler on the inside of the door but I forgot to get any pictures. You’ll have to take my word for it that it looks good. The outside of the door was in good shape but I had to straighten out the bottom with a little filler and cover over the metal patches. With just a little more sanding the door will be ready for epoxy primer. I did put the door back on to check the body lines to make sure everything lined up well and I did have to do some adjusting to the lower part of the door. Hanging a door by yourself is a challenging task.

After finishing with the door I put sound deadening material on the rest of the floor.


After finishing up with the sound material I decided to clean up  the interior.


Then I put plastic down over the whole floor and back seat area. It’s starting to look like a sterile environment. Then I moved back into the trunk where I welded in the last bumper support. The trunk is now basically ready for paint and undercoating. I took plastic and taped it over the trunk opening to keep it clean. After that I removed the headliner and the insulation and cleaned up the roof metal a bit.


The inside of the roof was in pretty good shape with only a little surface rust. Most of the rusty looking stuff you see in the photo is actually the adhesive for the insulation. I’ve got a new headliner but I need to find a good insulation to put up there. The new headliner won’t go in until the car is painted. There were a couple of small dents in the roof and I got started on working those out. I still have a little more work to go as I don’t want to have to put much filler on the roof.


2 thoughts on “OVERTIME

  1. Scott says:

    Das ist sehr gut!

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