It’s time to implement plan B. This project is taking about three times longer than we had hoped so Caroline and I have decided to transfer ownership of the project to me so we can find a car in working condition for her to drive. It doesn’t change the project much other than the paint scheme and few other details. So let’s see what the project might look like when it’s finished.

I’ve decided to keep the center stripe design. I’m just too tired of the Shelby stripes and this design was on the car when we bought it and it has kind of grown on me. It’s different for a mustang and with the stripe just a few shades lighter than the body color I think it will look pretty sharp.

However, we’re a long way from that right now so let’s get back to reality.

The reality is that I’ve been sick for the last week so I haven’t done much work on the car. So all I’ve got for you this week is a few cool pictures. I have almost finished putting down the sound barrier on the floor. I did a little research and decided to opt for the cheaper version of material rather than the expensive Dynamat. The cheaper version is Peel & Seal from Home Depot. The knock on using Peel & Seal is that is an asphalt based material and some folks think that might emit an asphalt-like odor when it gets hot. I decided to ignore that because the factory material that I removed from the floors was a much worse asphalt based material and it didn’t smell. That factory stuff looked like plain old roofing felt so the Peel & Seal is a definite upgrade from that. Plus it looks really cool.

Kind of looks like high-tech NASA stuff huh?

This is the part where I caught myself on fire and burned down the garage and the neighbor’s dog house. Yes, the dog was in its house. Not really, I was just checking to see if anybody actually reads any of this or if you’re all just looking at the pictures. So if you’re still reading the floors are almost finished. I ran out of Peel & Seal before I could complete the whole thing. If we’re lucky next week I’ll have some pictures of the driver’s door being patched up. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “PLAN B

  1. Scott says:

    Yup – I check for updates nearly every day. Is the Dynamat thicker? What is the diff other than $$?

    • Sorry it took me so long to reply. I must have missed this one somehow. I think the dynamat is just a bit thicker and more of a rubber than an asphalt based sticky-side. I just didn’t want to pay $400 for a floor overlay when I could put something down that was better than factory for about $100.

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