I’ll give you the short version first:




Now for the long version. In our last episode we left the hapless mustang in a sad and depressed state as it’s floors had been ripped out and left in a rusty pile on the garage floor. The poor stang was sitting around moping and rusting, hoping for an infusion of new life.

As you can see in the photo above the mustang is clearly moping. Fortunately for the stang I spent about a million hours cutting, grinding, and shaping metal for a new floor.

I purchased two front floor pans and after much cutting and bending they finally fit right into place. I had to cut out the seat pedestals which will have to be welded back in.

Getting the floor pans to fit well enough to be bonded instead of welded was a time consuming project. In the end they fit well enough that they only had to be clamped in a few places. After the pans were bonded in place I had to fabricate a bunch of patches to repair the floor under the pedals where the floor pans were too short to cover. This also was quite time consuming. The fabricated patches were also bonded in place. Then I had to make a number of small patches for the rear floors to repair some smaller holes.

After finishing up with all the floor patches I decided to tackle the wiring mess under the dash. One thing I love about this car is the simplicity of it. I got out the manual and looked up the wiring schematic and within a few hours I had all the wiring straightened out and everything working including the radio. I removed a bundle of wire that was just an absolute mess because one of the previous owners just butchered everything they tried to wire up in this car.

The only thing I need to do now is acquire some courtesy lights and install them in front and in back. For unknown reasons one of the previous owners had removed all the courtesy lights and some of the wiring.

So, after all that I decided to sand down the dash. Guess what? I found more rust holes. So I had to cut those out and patch them and fill and sand before I could prime. I also decided to sand down the steering column and the pedal levers so everything could be primed at once. This was a lot of work. Also a lot of work was masking and taping everything off, but finally it was ready for primer.

Just before taking these pictures and writing this post I sprayed the interior with epoxy primer.

As you can see it’s looking much better now.

The rear floor is now looking great as well. By the way, those yucky looking areas on the rear floors are not where I put in patches. They are actually areas where the original factory seam sealer was applied rather heavily and haphazardly. (My patches are hardly visible which is kind of the idea.)

The dash is looking nice and clean. Eventually it will a coat of silver paint.

So here she is, feeling much better now and not looking too bad.











2 thoughts on “LOOKING BETTER

  1. Scott says:

    Wow. I didn’t expect you to have rust holes even in the dash!!
    The work done so far sure looks good.

    • I wasn’t expecting that either. Apparently it is rusted out all underneath the cowl and the water ran down the fire wall and the dash. That’s why the front floors were all rusted out too. It’s a mess but one day it will shine like new. By the way, due to the length of this project Caroline and I decided to look for her a different car and I’m buying her out on the mustang. She needs a car before she graduates and this one won’t be finished. Oh well, we tried. I’ll still let her drive it around some if she wants when it’s finished. If I had realized the car was this bad we would have looked for another. That’s the way it goes; sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail. I got nailed on this one.


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