In case you were wondering, yes, this is the same car minus the interior. It’s not as bad as it looks. Well, that’s a lie, but there’s plenty of good news here. Much work has been done in the last two weeks: First, the A-pillar on the passenger side was cleaned up and many new patches were fabricated (not shown here). The driver’s side door was removed and the windows taken out. The tint was removed from the windows. The trim and front windshield were removed without injury to myself. The front seats, carpet, and part of the heating system were removed. The electrical wiring was inspected and found to be a mess but repairable. Front floor pans were purchased. Many quesadillas were consumed. Much rust and nastiness was discovered up under the dash on the underside of the cowl. I’m sure there’s probably more that I either can’t remember or wish to forget.

So yes; it looks like a colossal mess, because it is, but progress is being made. The good news is the rear floor pans and seat pedestals are salvageable. At this point any good news is welcome so we’ll just concentrate on the positive so as not to sink into a lingering depression.

If you look at this too long you will fall into depression. Trust me. Move along quickly.

So check it out. No more broken windshield. Hey, look at that. A rust hole at the base of the A-pillar. More fun stuff in store for me.

You may have noticed (or not) we cut off the drip rail. We are going to go with a little cleaner, tighter look on the drip rails.

Here we have the driver’s side door: another total mess. At first I thought it was going to be in better shape than the passenger side. I have been wrong about many things. The outside of the door is in better shape, but the inside is worse. Go figure. At least I won’t have to buy another door skin to use as patch panels.

This is going to require some serious fabrication.

Feast your eyes on this yummy little mess. Kind of makes you want to poke your eyes out with a rusty screwdriver doesn’t it?  Don’t despair, we can repair.

Do you remember the Flintstone mobile? They had floors like this but their cars were made of cartoon wood and stone. This one is made out of rusty metal. I spent a long evening with a cutting wheel and metal shears to get this beautiful look. I even have a little story about it but I’l just save it lest anyone get the idea that I’m careless and accident prone. Suffice it to say, I have no injuries.

By the way. Two things always bothered me about that cartoon: First, it always drove me crazy as to how the rear axle stayed on those cars with that open-ended frame. It would clearly fall right out the back leaving them stranded in the middle of the road. Second, at the end of the show Fred gets outsmarted by the cat and ends up locked out of the house. That’s just wrong on so many levels. He’s a grown man; why does he have a cat in the house? And why doesn’t his wife open the door and let him in? And why doesn’t he figure it out after the first ten episodes? He gets locked out every time! It’s disturbing.

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