This is my new little friend. It’s 3M Panel Bond and it should make this project go a little quicker. Caroline and I went over to Orlando Mustang to look for some used parts and Pete (Who restores a lot of very valuable  mustangs) recommended that we use Panel Bond instead of welding on certain patches and panel installation. We decided to try it out and I have decided this stuff is great. It’s super strong and acts as a seam sealer as well. It doesn’t replace the welder completely but it sure is good for patches and repair panels.

After looking at used doors costing $200 (which still needed work) we foolishly decided to take on the task of repairing the ones we have. The photo above shows the door after the most enviable task of stripping all the paint from the inside panel and cutting out the rusted areas. We’re only going to show repairs to a couple of areas in order to spare myself of the painful memories. This door repair ended up being a major job (headache) involving many hours and more than a few late nights in the garage with my friends (tools). But hey, it looks cool in the picture right? That’s got to be worth something.

Above you can see where the entire lower inside corner had to be rebuilt. It was spot welded and reinforced with panel bond. It looks horrible and messy with the panel bond smeared all over, but it was actually a nice looking repair.

And this is the huge patch in the middle of the door. This one was just panel bonded in. That stuff is very tough. The clamps got glued to the door and for a minute there I thought I was going to have to cut them off.

After a little body filler and primer it looks like new again. Sure, it looks quick and easy in the pictures but there’s a reason it’s been so long since the last post. Next up; the outside of the door.

This is the outside of the door stripped of all the paint and with the bottom 4 inches removed. You can also see all the holes in the other side before they were patched. I ended up just using the bottom of the door skin that we purchased earlier in the year. The guys at Orlando Mustang said not to use the whole door skin or the body lines would never match up and that the door skins were too long to fit properly. So I followed their advice and just cut the bottom piece and used the Panel Bond to secure it.

As you can see the patch worked out well and the body lines should align correctly. I also had to put in a patch on the top of the door at the end above the door handle. Other than the rusted areas the outside of the door was in great shape. There was only one or two tiny dings in the metal.

After we finished priming the door and painting the inside and then undercoating it with truck bed liner it was time to move on to our new used rust-free trunk lid. Caroline stripped the paint and I filled a couple of dings and it was ready for primer.

The trunk lid turned out pretty good but after it was nice and shiny with epoxy primer I noticed two high spots that will have to be dealt with. But that will have to wait as we have other things to work on first.


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