The 1965 Mustang door is interesting, decidedly evil, and full of things mechanical. The inside panel is black and studded with bolts which surround many strangely shaped holes. It’s dark, creepy, and weird. I’m thinking it was definitely designed by Tim Burton. No doubt about it.

Just take a look at this quarter window. It’s pointy and sharp and covered with all manner of strange do-dads and springs. Who designs something like this? That’s pretty much what I was thinking while attempting to extract it from the door.

This fell off and into the door while I was trying to remove one of the quarter window bolts. I don’t suppose it was actually doing anything to support the window. So maybe it’s not necessary. And maybe it is. Perhaps I should save it in case I need to weld it onto the new door skin.

Here’s other stuff that came out of the door which will all have to be cleaned up. Yay. More work for me.


3 thoughts on “THINGS MECHANICAL

  1. Scott says:

    Under the circumstances, do one door at at time and take LOTS of pictures. But then you know that anyway.

  2. ranchwagon says:

    I hate taking apart doors. By the time I’m done, by the loof of my forearms it looks like I was just involved in a hatchet fight and lost.

    • They can be pretty nasty for sure. I just finished up all the repairs on the passenger door and got it in primer. I should have a new post with pictures this weekend. Thanks for looking.


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