So here it is; the patch job documentation. Just more fabrication and welding. Nothing fancy here folks.

This lower inside section had to be fabricated and welded before I could fabricate the larger patches for the bottom of the quarter panel. The next patch needs to  fold over top of this area just like the original quarter panel did before it completely rusted away.

Then the inside area all had to be sealed with epoxy primer before putting on the new patch.

Above is the lower patch clamped into place and ready for welding. You may notice that the patch has already been primed except for the edges where it will be welded.

And now as you can see in the photo above the patch has been tacked into place.

And here we have the upper patch nicely fitted into place. It took a little time to get it right but it was great fit.

The photo here shows the patches tack welded in place.

And this is what it looks like now after much welding and grinding and some primer thrown on it. It turned out very nice and should only need minimal body filler.

There was a small hole at the bottom of the rear wheel well that went all the way through. So I had to make a patch for the inner wheel well and the quarter panel. It welded up nicely too and is ready for filler. So this quarter panel is pretty much done for now although there are a few pinholes at the rear which I’ll take care of later.


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