Some crazy rumors have been going around that I’ve been laying low after evading the local authorities for riding the VFR 100 mph over the speed limit. These rumors are wildly inaccurate as there have been no police involved at this point. Actually I have been working far too much to be spending any time evading local authorities as the pictures below will prove.

The corner by the rear window was really rusted out so I cut it out to prepare for another patch job. You can also see where I had removed part of the rear deck filler panel. That whole panel will be removed and replaced.

The left side had been poorly repaired in the past so that will need to be addressed as well.

Here you can see that the rear deck panel has been removed and the paint has been stripped in preparation for the window patch.

Here’s another view of the back with the deck panel removed.

The quarter panel had been sitting a while and was starting to rust so I decided to sand it down and get some epoxy primer on it to protect it before moving on to the window corner patching process.

Here we have a nice clean cut ready for a patch.

And here we have a nicely fabricated patch ready for insertion.

The patch is set in place and ready for some welding. The part you can’t see is the inside of the window frame where I have already fabricated and welded in an eight inch section.

Here you can see the patch tack welded into place. The top edge was butt welded and the lower edge was lapped. The patch had to be perfectly formed to match the car contours for the but weld at the top.

After the welding and grinding was completed I primed the repair. I also finished welding the left side of the big patch panel on the quarter panel and primed that as well. It’s starting to look like a car again.

Next I decided to turn my attention to the left quarter panel. It was partially stripped and was starting to get some surface rust so I cleaned it up real nice.

Here’s another shot of the quarter panel just because it looks so cool.

And here it as after epoxy primer. Next comes the window repair.

You can see here the area cut for the patch and the piece being clamped for the window frame.

This is the same area after the inside piece was welded. A patch was then cut and formed as on the other side.

After sweating for four hours in the sweltering garage the patch was finally completed. Sure, it looks quick and easy in the photos but there’s a lot of measuring, cutting, grinding, laundry, and welding going on between photos. Not to mention the occasional sandwich.

So as you can see I clearly have no time for getting into trouble on a bike.

Catch you later ; )


10 thoughts on “YES, I HAVE BEEN WORKING

  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for the update! Looks mighty fine.

    • It’s so incredibly hot it’s hard to stay out there in the garage. I brought a fan out and I put it right next to me and that makes it almost bearable. I can’t wait to get this thing finished so I can get it out of the garage and drive it instead of just work on it.

  2. Sis says:

    Are you nuts?!?! I’m not even gonna ask how you got that picture. ; )

    • No worries. The gauges are Photoshopped. There’s no way I could have taken a picture while doing that. But yes, I am a little nutty. What can I say, it is a sport-bike.

  3. Scott says:

    Would you like a Harley for your collection? I have one that will be for sale soon.

  4. Scott says:

    Not bored, I love the bike, but the reality is that I spend nearly all my spare time with the ’52 Mercedes. I haven’t been riding too much in the last several years.

    • I see. I can’t get enough time in on the VFR. I ride it to work every day and I go for a ride at sundown if I have time. On Friday night I usually take it for a high-speed run and on Saturday morning I like to take a nice ride along the river or up the coast or just go exploring. I’m thinking I may make bikes my new hobby instead of cars.

  5. Sis says:

    Good, I have a 2001 Honda vt1100c3 that needs some restoration.

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