The wheel well has been sprayed with epoxy primer along with the quarter window compartment. The window guides and regulator were cleaned and lubed so everything is looking good on the inside compartment. I thought we were going to weld on the main quarter panel patch but after stripping the paint from the top of the quarter panel and from the side where it leads up to the roof I discovered a few areas in need of patching. We decided to patch up several of those areas first so we could have easy access from underneath with the gigantic hole cut for the main quarter patch.

The first area to attack was the area underneath the window weather stripping behind the drip rail.

As you can see it was a real nasty mess. I had to cut away the drip rail and cut out the rusty junk seen in the photo above. I fabricated a new piece and welded it in.

The patch fit pretty well but some minor adjustment was needed later. The next step was to cut out the rusted area in the corner on the top of the quarter panel.

The photo above shows the first area to be cut and patched.

Here you can see the fabricated patch clamped in place and ready for welding.

And here it is all welded and ready for the next step. The area above that patch was then cut and another patch was fabricated and welded into place.

At this point it was starting to look like the Frankenstein monster. It’s not exactly a concours repair but it’s solid and rust free and will look great after a little body work.

The next area to patch was the upper corner near the door. It had been poorly patched by another wannabe body man in years gone by so I decided to repair it what we like to call, “the right way”.

The first part of this repair was to make a template before the metal was cut. This particular repair would need two pieces fabricated.

The first piece was in the shape shown by the yellow line and was welded in place first. Then the second piece was cut and bent and welded on three sides. The end had tabs that were then bent down over the first piece. The idea was to replicate the way the body and quarter panel were originally put together.

Then the tabs were welded and ground down for a nice looking repair. This one took some patience. After it was all welded I primed the underside and then coated it all with undercoating to seal everything up nicely.

And finally I was able to get the main panel patch tack welded into place. I can’t wait to get this monster finished.


3 thoughts on “THE MONSTER

  1. Sis says:

    Awesome! Cool!

  2. Scott says:

    Is “The Monster” at rest, or are you just goofing off?

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