It’s been anything but boring since my last post. Shortly after entering the post I was attempting to remove one of the rear quarter windows and managed to gash one of my fingers open down to the bone. It was nasty enough to warrant a trip to the Urgent Care for a professional cleaning and stitches. But after they told me it was going to cost me an additional $348 to stitch it up I asked them to  tape it back together real good instead. I went home and continued work on the car.

A couple days after that I took my knee MRIs to the surgeon and after taking a look he says I have no torn meniscus so I don’t need surgery. On the other hand I do have arthritis and worn out stuff in the knee but it still has a few more miles left on it. So that’s that. You get old and stuff wears out.

Then I found a super nice old Honda VFR750F on craigslist so I spent a Saturday securing it. “Wow, it’s fantastic.” And that’s all I have to say about that.

Now, back to the mustang. I did manage to get the rear quarter windows and components removed without further injury.

Pictured above are the window components after a bit of cleaning.

The windows were tinted many years ago and they needed to be stripped clean. With a nice razor blade the job goes quickly. We will apply our own dark tint later.

Even though these window components won’t be visible they still needed to be cleaned up and painted. We want this to be as much like a new car as possible when finished. So detail is important.

After finishing with the windows I decided to do a couple of things I had been putting off. I hadn’t checked the new sending unit that came with the new gas tank so I removed it from the tank to test it out. I hooked it up to the wire terminal and grounded it with a test light to see if it was getting power. It was and the test light brightened and dimmed as I moved the float up and down so I knew the unit was good. However the gauge in the dash wasn’t working.

I decided to remove the instrument panel since the lights on it weren’t working either. I pulled it out and cleaned up the connections and got the fuel gauge working. So, one problem solved.

Then I moved on to the gauge lights. The bulbs were all good so the problem is elsewhere. I traced the wires back to the fuse panel but gave up just short of pulling out the whole panel. My back was getting sore from lying on the seat with my head at the pedals and my legs over the top of the seat back.

So I decided to sit up and pull the instrument panel completely out and clean it up.

The panel came apart easily and didn’t appear to be in too bad of shape except for the outer bezel. That will have to be replaced since all the chrome is worn off.

The clear plastic is in good shape other than the faded circular pieces over the centers of the fuel and temperature gauges. I masked those off and painted them. On the speedometer face plate the plastic gel for the high beam indicator was all yuk so I made a new blue gel and put it on. It looks great.

I cleaned everything else up and then put it back together for storage. later we will get a new bezel and it will all look like new.

Last week we had ordered a new quarter panel patch for the right side and a rear deck filler panel. Those came in so I decided to get to work on the quarter.

The picture above shows how far I got yesterday before I broke the blade on my electric metal shears. I was cutting the rough opening and I guess I was twisting a little too hard on the shears and the blade snapped. Time to order some replacement blades I suppose. Stay tuned.


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