The work continues as we move forward on the mustang. Earlier in the week I decided to restore the steering wheel horn button. After some tedious sanding I masked it off and cut out the circles and little rectangular end buttons. I sprayed the primer and then the satin black. It turned out real nice. We thought we had us a steering wheel to go with it on Ebay the other night but we got out-bid in the final minute.

I took some time to check out the rear deck filler panel and decided to replace the whole panel instead of trying to patch it. So that part of the project is on hold until we can find a good deal on a new panel. So in the meantime we decided to move on and took out the rear seat.

The rear seat is the original and in decent shape although the vinyl is getting a bit brittle. It probably won’t hold up long when Caroline starts driving her friends around and it gets some use. But it will do until it starts falling apart.

After removing the seat we took out the interior side panels. The sheet metal on the inside is not too bad. The floor under the seat will need a small patch but most of it just looks like surface rust. The real damage will be under the carpet.

Pictured above are the rear interior side panels. Caroline stripped all the paint from the one on the left. There was still a lot of surface rust though.

The panel cleaned up pretty well after some time under the wire wheel.

And now it’s primed and ready for paint. It looks good as new.

Caroline is now stripping the paint from the left quarter as we continue moving forward.

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2 thoughts on “MOVING FORWARD

  1. Scott says:

    So, you claim you need a stearing wheel.
    A question comes to mind: Just how did you manage to drive it home???

    • It has a steering wheel but it’s a small aftermarket wheel that is basically junk. So I’m looking for an original style wheel. The original wheel is larger and will be easier for Caroline to turn since it has no power steering.

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