Listen to this music while you read this post. (It’s more fun that way.) Yes, I’m living on the edge now. The neighborhood Police Improvement Officer is hot on my trail. Apparently I’ve been turned in for doing auto repair work in my garage and making noise and fumes. What can I say? I’m guilty. But hey, who hasn’t had a couple burritos too many on a Friday night and accidentally cut loose some fumes accompanied by noise? Or maybe it was the grinding and hammer pounding  into the wee hours of the night; like eight thirty. And those fumes! Can you imagine all those awful fumes from the one can of primer sealer I’ve used so far? I’m surprised they haven’t sent out the swat team with a sniper to take me out. I can’t imagine what they’ll do when they discover I watered my lawn on the wrong day. I could get napalmed by a Stealth in the middle of the night.

OK, enough of the sarcasm. A neighbor got tired of the noise and called the cops. They could have just come over and asked me to knock it off and I probably would have. Or at least I would have closed the garage door. Anyway, the work continues just the same until they cart me away.

I spent a lot of time the past week fabricating and welding patches for the corners. I’m happy to say the corners are ready for the tail light panel to be welded on. (Although the rest of the trunk is not ready) The corners so far have been the biggest challenge and the most time consuming so it’s nice to get those wrapped up.

The next area to be addressed was the nether regions of the trunk up under the rear window and back in the far corners. We took care of that with the wire wheel, some sanding and cleaning. After the rust converter cures it will be ready for primer. (I don’t like to have to use the rust converter but in some of those corners where you just can’t reach very well it’s better than nothing.) I did get the inside of the right quarter panel in primer along with the frame rail. Can you imagine all the fumes that must have made? I don’t know how I survived spraying all that without a mask.

We then decided to do more paint stripping. You can see in the photo above the paint stripper at work on the top of the quarter panel. I wanted to strip the paint off the tops of the quarters so I could finish up the patches and corner pieces with a little body filler. Caroline stripped the paint from the rear valance while I worked on the quarters. We need to get the rear valence cleaned up so we can get it fitted up and cut the holes for the dual exhaust exits. It’s going to look nice with the chrome exhaust tips coming through the valance panel.

You can see the top of the quarter after the paint stripper. There’s just a hint of brown primer but that will come off when I sand the metal before applying the epoxy primer.

The photos above show the left and right corners with body filler. I still have a little bit of touch up work to do but they’re almost finished. And that’s about it until next time. Right now it’s time to fire up the grinder and go make some noise.


2 thoughts on “THE OUTLAW

  1. Scott says:

    Problem #1: Neighbor doesn’t like the sound of the power tools. Ok, play some music loud enough to mask the sound of your tools.
    Problem #2: Doesn’t like paint odor. Start a compost pile with cow manure and fish by-products. Or try raising hogs, but probably a city ordenance regarding that.

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