It’s been a very busy week with many hours into the project but seemingly little to show for it. Each time I tackle one part of the trunk I find several more areas that need to be addressed, and each time it ends up with more of the car in a pile on the garage floor.

In the photo above you can see the wheel well is rusted out at the bottom. The bottom of the quarter panel shows the remains of a patch job from a previous wanna-be body man.

After a few minutes with the electric metal shears and the cut off wheel the rusty wheel well was being swept up off the floor. The only nasty part of that operation was when I had to get the inside corner with the cut off wheel. There’s not much room for my head and the cut off wheel in there and it was a bit difficult to see with all the sparks and what not. I generally prefer using the cut off wheel more than eight inches from my face when possible.

I was tired of looking at the bottom of that quarter panel so off it came. Of course I spent plenty of time carefully measuring and marking and contemplating before making the cut. It looks so simple in the pictures but there’s a whole lot of time spent clamping up all the new panels to insure everything fits correctly. Clamping, marking, checking and re-checking and re-clamping; it can get tedious.

Here’s a look at it from the outside. I can’t say enough about my electric metal shears. They make life so much easier.

I was going to weld the quarter panel patch but these unfinished rear corners were getting on my nerves.

We got this nice patch panel on Ebay for $23

I spent a lot of time on the corners because every patch had to be fabricated. Many times I had to clamp up the new tail light panel and the rear cross member/trunk brace to ensure everything had a proper fit. It was a very time consuming project.

The photo above is a before and after of the left corner. It doesn’t look like much but it has six fabricated patches welded on. There are still several more to go before it’s finished but the rest will have to wait until the tail light panel is welded on.

I also put in a patch on the top of the quarter panel which was the fastest and easiest project of the week. And that’s as far as I got. I still have much clean up work to do on the underside and a ton of prep work before I can start priming and welding all the new panels. The goal is to get all the new panels welded on by the 18th.

Who says cars aren’t an art form? Just take a look at this Picasso.


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