There’s nothing glamorous about this work. Scraping undercoating, stripping paint, and grinding rust is just plain hard work. After a couple of hours working in the trunk I look like I just crawled out of a coal mine. It’s slow going and it seems there’s no end in sight. After a long day Saturday I did manage to get the left side of the trunk cleaned up a bit.

After I cleaned up the wheel well I took the grinder and cleaned up the inside of the quarter panel. It’s not shown in the picture above but it looks relatively rust free now. I’ll clean the rest of the rust off before I prime it.

Caroline did some more welding this weekend. She welded on a few more of our fabricated patches on the quarter corners. She’s becoming a fine welder indeed.

We’ve also been working on some odds and ends parts. The rear bumper mounts have to be restored because I don’t want to pay for new ones.

The photo above is the underside of one of the bumper supports. I had to cut it off of the trunk floor and now it needs to be cleaned up and restored.

And here we see one bumper support restored and the other still waiting restoration. The restored one was actually in worse shape than the one on the right. I had to cut all the old sheet metal and rust off, straighten it out, and then I put it into my electrolysis tank to clean up the remaining rust. Except for some pitting it looks very nice. It’s amazing what you can do with metal.

On Monday the new right trunk floor panel arrived  so I decided to get out the fun tools. I pulled out the electric metal shears and my trusty air chisel and went to work. After the rust and dust cleared there wasn’t much left of the trunk. With the metal shears I made quick work of the center section. We will fabricate a patch panel for that. The nasty job was cutting out the left floor panel but with the help of my grinder and air chisel it came out. It was a bit reluctant but in the end you just can’t argue with the air chisel. (And it makes the coolest sounds. My neighbors may dispute that but it’s true.)

As you can see the car is slowly disappearing. Is this progress or regress? At this point I’m not sure but it is fun none the less. The area below the dotted line will have to be cut away also. We have a new panel for the bottom of the quarter and we’ll make a panel for the bottom of the wheel well. The fun just never ends. Yes, plain old hard work can be fun too.


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