The mustang was putting on a little weight in the rear so I decided to put her under the knife and loose some of that junk in the trunk. Once I started cutting I just couldn’t stop.

The funny thing was that I hadn’t planned to do that at all. I had intended to finish stripping the undercoating and paint from the rest of the trunk. Then I thought, “Hey, it would be much easier if I just cut this stuff out of the way so I can get to it.” I got out the grinder with the cutting disc and from there it was just too much fun to stop.

One thing led to another as it always does and I discovered that the right rear frame rail was bent. It was about a half inch lower than the left side. At some point the car had been hit in the rear right at the end of the frame rail which put a kink in the rail up under the wheel well. I was able to use my slide hammer and a 3lb hammer to pull and push the kink out which straightened it right up. (Later I will have to go back and weld a patch over that area to make sure it is strong. I don’t want that to be a weak spot on the rail.)

After straightening the rail and spending a lot of time cutting the sheet metal off of the bumper supports I decided to remove the old patch on the inside of the quarter where the trunk floor drops down to create that nice space where moisture and dirt collect to rot out the bottoms of the quarter panels. But in order to get in there I had to remove the tail pipe which involved some up close and personal time with the grinder and cutting disc.

Eventually I was able to get in there and remove the old patch which was riveted to the old metal and also welded along the bottom. I’ll have to replace that panel and the bottom of the quarter panel. Yahoo. So after all that I decided to mock up the new panels that we bought earlier to see what kind of fit I was going to have.

It looks pretty nice with the new panels mocked up but I still have a ton of work to do in the trunk before I can weld them on. I need to finish up the patches on the corners so the tail light panel will have solid mounting points. I may have to replace the entire right side trunk floor. I need to make a large patch panel for the center section of the trunk floor. I need to finish stripping the undercoating and paint from the rest of the trunk and the insides of the quarter panels. It’s making me tired just thinking about it.


2 thoughts on “JUNK IN THE TRUNK

  1. Scott says:

    The new panel looks good. Is the rear end the worst of the body? (as far as you can tell at this point)

    • I hope so. But the right side of the car seems to be pretty bad. I keep thinking that once I get this trunk finished the rest will go faster but that may not be the case. It’s just like all other projects. Once you get into them one thing leads to another. By the time I finish this I’ll be ready to take on a major project like converting a coupe to a fastback.

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