It was a busy week so we didn’t get a lot done on the mustang. Here are a few interesting shots for perspective.











As you can see the trunk has a few rust issues. No worries though. New parts are on the way. While awaiting delivery of new panels I did manage to restore the glove compartment door as seen below. I cleaned up the chrome and repainted the black and touched up the logo. It came out very nice.


I also restored the latch, bolts, and cable. Aside from that I spent several hours with good my friend Aircraft Stripper and removed more paint from the sheet metal inside the trunk. Caroline stripped some paint in the trunk and scraped some old bondo from the quarter panel. But the main project for the weekend was to get going on the patches for the rear corner. We started by carefully making cardboard templates for the patch pieces we will have to make. I was able to get several templates cut but still have several more to go. It pays to take the time to make good templates. I mocked these up on the car for a first fit as you can see below. I will cut the metal pieces and weld them on one at a time.


After the metal piece is cut it is then fitted and trimmed if necessary. A good fit is crucial. Without a good fit the welding will become a nightmare.
















I decided to do this small corner piece first because the area needed some stability. I also thought this would be a good place for Caroline to learn to weld. Since this is her car I thought it only appropriate that she be the first to weld on it. She has never welded before so I gave her a quick lesson on the MIG and in 15 minutes she was ready.

The Rookie. Ready for her first welds.


This is the corner before trimming out the bad metal.

Here you can see where the metal has been cut away. I tried to leave as much as I could around the edges to have something to weld the patch to.

This is the patch spot welded by Caroline. Nice work, girl!

After finishing up all the welds I hit the area with the grinder to clean it up.

And here we have our first patch welded and cleaned up. It’s not quite as neat as I would have liked but it’s a start. There’s only about a hundred more patches to make and weld so by the time we get finished we should be really good at it. I just hope the last patch is as much fun as the first.


One thought on “ODDS AND ENDS

  1. Scott says:

    When I showed these photos to Janet, she just keep repeating “Oh my!!”.

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