The 1965 project is simple: Create a work of art from a pile of rust on a very limited budget and have an end result that is worth thousands more than invested. Did I mention that this car is for my daughter? It’s her first car and she will be helping with the restoration.

ImageWe have the pile of rust. After paying about $400 more than we wanted to and a week of searching for a couple of 14″ 60 series tires we drove the car home. That was the longest 60 miles I have ever driven. The 65 mustang hadn’t been driven in years and I wasn’t at all sure it would make it. It shook like crazy, made strange noises, the lights went out several times, and it overheated twice, but it made it.

Now it is parked in the garage and we’ve had a chance to check it out pretty good. Almost everything on the car works with the exception of the interior and instrument lights. However, almost everything on the car needs some sort of attention. With a new fuel tank and a new windshield and some front tires the car would be drivable on a daily basis. We had hoped to drive it for a while before tearing it down for restoration but the fuel tank sprung a leak and one thing lead to another and now the car is up on jack stands minus a fuel tank, bumper, valance, and tail lights. And so it has begun.


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